Presentations and Reports

The Official Eastern Africa Women in Transportation Conference 2018 Report

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Presentations made during the Eastern Africa Women in Transportation Conference 2018


Understanding Women in Transport

Sonal Shah (Urban Planner)

Integrating Gender in Urban Transport (View PowerPoint)

Anne Kamau (Lecturer, Institute of Development Studies, University of Nairobi)

Women Transport Workers: Social Protection and Labour Issues (View PowerPoint)

Heather Allen (Independent Gender and Transport Consultant)

The international context of women ‘in and on’ public transport (View PowerPoint)

+Video: Public Transport with a Gender Perspective


Interventions to Increase Women in Transport

Mary Mwangi (Programs Manager, Flone Initiative)

Addressing the Stigma & Discrimination of Women in the Matatu Industry (View PowerPoint)

Sandrine Nikuze (Head of SafeMotos Institute)

Females in the Motorcycle Taxi Industry (View PowerPoint)

Esenam Nyador (Founder, Miss Taxi Ghana)

A Changemaker’s Journey (View PowerPoint)

Cezanne Maherali (Head of Policy for Uber East Africa)

The Impact of Ridesharing on Female Drivers (Video: Ridesharing for Female Drivers)


Gender Mainstreaming in Action

Yunae Yi (Safeguards Advisor, UN Environment)

Women, Men, Cities and Transportation (View PowerPoint)

Clarisse Cunha Linke (Country Director, ITDP Brazil)

Promoting Gender Sensitive Transport Planning in Brazil (View PowerPoint)

Amanda Ngabirano (Public Speaker, Communications Expert & Urban Planning Lecturer, Makerere University)

Urban Mobility & The Woman: Overcoming barriers to cycling in Kampala (View PowerPoint)

Sonali Vyas (Program Manager, Saftipin)

Technology and Data to Build Safer Cities (View PowerPoint)


Inspiring Talk – Fighting for a More Just World

Clarisse Cunha Linke (Country Director, ITDP Brazil)

(View Powerpoint)

Women on the Move: Experiences, Challenges and Solutions

Stephanie Aketch (Regional Road Safety Manager, Humanity & Inclusion)

Urban Mobility & Accessibility: What about Gender & Disability? (View PowerPoint)

Modesta Joseph (Founder, Our Cries)

Challenges faced by the youth (especially girls) on public transportation in Tanzania (View PowerPoint)

Gender Sensitive Minibus Services and Transport Infrastructure

Stefanie Holzwarth (Associate Human Settlements Officer, Urban Mobility Unit, UN-Habitat) and Kelvin Muriuki (Research Assistant, Flone Initiative)

(View PowerPoint)

Five Principles for Women in Transport

Verena Flues (Junior Advisor on Sustainable Mobility, GIZ)

(View PowerPoint)

If you would like to contact Verena with feedback on the 5 Principles for Women in Transport, please email her at

Problem Solving through Policy

Chris Kost (Africa Program Director, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy)

Toward gender sensitive planning in Cairo (View PowerPoint)

Stephanie Holzworth (Associate Human Settlements Officer, Urban Mobility Unit, UN-Habitat)

Policy Measures – A twin track between Equality and Empowerment (View PowerPoint)